About Us

ArtOwls – The Graphic Design Studio is a full-service graphic design firm providing effective solutions for print and web. We partner with clients to build cohesive brand identities, including custom websites and marketing materials such as logos, catalogs, brochures, print ads, posters, and trade-show booth graphics.

Owl Strengths


We believe in taking a silent flight.
We have the strength in our wings to fly against the wind.
We would love you to accompany us as we fly high.


We have a strong vision like the owls. Being nocturnal helps us serve globally and more efficiently. We have the ability to see through the darkness and thus help our clients to lead.


As owls are good listeners we pay
a lot attention to what you have to say and we use this as our biggest strength to bring ideas to life.


We are constantly in hunt for
good customers and great friends.
We are open to alliances and
business partnership enquiries.

ArtOwls Banner

How we came up
with the name ArtOwls?

We scratched our heads and pulled our hair to come up
with a creative name to reflect ourselves and represent our work.
As the name suggests, we all have an artistic flair and
we all resemble the 'Owls'.

Why Owls?
In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom,
Pallas Athena or Minerva, was symbolized by an Owl.
Owls who are messengers and muse have the keen ability
to see through darkness and symbolizes education and intellect.
We as owls are taking a silent flight and heading towards a
magical journey in the creative field. While in Hindu puranas
Owl is honored of being the 'Vahana' of goddess 'Lakshmi'.
Thus ArtOwls was born.


To be a world-class market leader
in graphic service by continuously improving our services.


To assure quality deliverables & services for our clients,
through meeting their requirement at each & every step.

The team is small but we know it all

Hi, I'm Sonal Nair!

A qualified pathologist turned into a passionate self-taught graphic designer. When I'm not working on any design project I'm busy crocheting 'The Hook Store'.

Hi, I'm Vijith Nair!

A college drop-out chose to be an entrepreneur at 14, and successfully employed 15 people. Research, Lead generation and Customer Relationships drive me. A huge Dragon-ball fan.

Why ArtOwls?
We hold a good 10 years of  industry experience.
You get to work directly with the creative designer unlike project managers in big agencies.
You deserve a smooth transition and hassle-free experience so we have a proven process in place.
We are a small team and we accept limited projects for dedicated time and customer satisfaction.
We design for satisfaction and better results.

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