What is Print Media

Print media is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media, such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures etc., to reach the wider range of audience, which can be your business customers or prospects. Advertisers also use digital media to reach the same target audiences. The rapid increase of digital media has led to a decline in advertising expenditure in traditional print media. The importance of print media can be seen through its many forms. Print media is portable, and is available at any time, even when there is no service or power. Many consumers prefer printed material like newspapers and magazines to digital versions. It is visible and accessible even though sharing digital media is both faster and easier because there is no need for special keywords or account information to access print media. Print media is long-lasting; it can't be deleted. It is also seen as being professional, and that professionalism allows for print media to achieve a credibility that is difficult to achieve in digital media.

The Advantages of Print Media

Print Media have been an important marketing tool for advertisers ever since the first print ads began to appear in the 17th century. They have become the number one medium for engagement across all channels, surpassing the other forms of media. The below-mentioned reasons make print advertising still preferable in today's market.

  1. Devoted Readers
  2. Frequency
  3. Reaches wider range of audience
  4. Credibility of your brand
  5. And...easy to remember